don't touch that! 

 kids computer

online entertainment

activities for kids

  • review how to wash your hands properly!
  • play board games (with clean hands!)
  • blow bubbles
  • family treasure hunt
  • learn how to do laundry (wash contaminated jackets and gloves)
  • make a home movie theater
  • bake (with clean hands!)
  • plant a garden (indoor or out)
  • tie dye old t-shirts
  • put on a play or a show
  • make a dream catcher
  • paper airplanes
  • play charades
  • go for a bike ride
  • make a scrap book
  • paint rocks
  • wash the car
  • play hide-and-seek
  • build the world's biggest pillow fort
  • plant a succulent garden
  • look through photo albums
  • finally make your shutterly album
  • send your grandparents said album
  • write a letter to friends and grandparents you won't see for the next 18 months
  • read all of the books
  • make food animals
  • make pancakes into fun shapes!
  • learn how to use a hammer
  • learn how to cross the street safely